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Clean clothes, a shower, a bite to eat or finally a warm hug…

If you have to survive without a roof or a home, a shelter is often the only place where you can feel human again. Unfortunately, many of these shelters are in poor condition. That is why festival organizations from Amsterdam are going to give these houses a colorful makeover.

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We are very grateful for your support.

The amount you pay will be donated to Homebass Foundation. This will entirely go to the realisation of the make-over project Geef Couleur. The minimum amount to be raised is €10,000 per shelter (€40,000 in total) with a maximum of €15,000 (€60,000 in total). Any surplus of the amount will be spent on makeovers for other shelter homes for homeless people in the Netherlands. Any loss of tokens during your donation and/or the transaction process is at your own risk.

The funds will be converted weekly to fiat (EUR) every Monday at 19:00 (central European time) starting 15-11-2021.

Homebass Foundation is 100% non-profit.

For more information check out (Dutch)